Here you will find a list of the most important documents that you should bring to the consultation when preparing your tax return.

Of course, we cannot cover all eventualities here. The documents still required in individual cases can then be submitted at any time.

Due to the membership fee, which is graded according to income, we also make it possible for taxpayers with low income to receive competent, high-quality advice.

Proof of income

  • Income tax certificate(s)
  • unemployment benefit
  • sick pay
  • transitional allowance
  • insolvency loss allowance
  • Compensation / Termination Agreement
  • Pension notifications / pension adjustment notifications / pension receipt notifications
  • rental income
  • Interest and other capital income


  • Childcare costs (contract, invoice, proof of payment)
  • Apprenticeship contract / study certificate / military service / civil service certificate
  • Own income and benefits (e.g. income tax certificate, salary statements, Bafög notification...)
  • Child benefit waiver notices
  • School fees paid to beneficiary schools

special editions

  • Pension expenses (health, life, accident, liability, nursing care insurance)
  • Contracts and certificates for private old-age provision (Riester and basic pension)
  • Donations / Grants
  • Costs for your own professional training (certificate of participation, invoice for participation fee, etc.)

Exceptional costs

  • Medical expenses (dentures, glasses, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Funeral expenses / Divorce expenses
  • Treatment costs (public medical certificate before the start of the treatment or comparable)
  • Maintenance for relatives (proof of payments, proof of own income and benefits)
  • Help in the household (proof of illness, disability card...)
  • Badge for disabled people

advertising expenses

  • Evidence of travel expenses
  • Contributions to professional associations (unions)
  • Receipts / receipts for work equipment
  • Receipts/receipts for typical workwear
  • Office expenses
  • Travel expenses, employer's certificate, reimbursements
  • Expenses for professional training
  • application costs
  • Double housekeeping (rental contract for second home and proof of payment)
  • Tax advice costs (e.g. contribution to the wage and income tax Help Ring Germany eV)

Other documents that are worth their money

  • Tax assessment notice for the previous year / advance payment notice
  • Craftsman services and household-related services (invoice, proof of payment)
  • Annex VL (capital-forming benefits)
  • Application for a housing subsidy

This is not an exhaustive list. In order to reduce your tax burden, there is no substitute for individual advice in a personal conversation!